> Down & Dirty DIY Sale

The story of the "Down & Dirty" DIY Sale:  Over my first 17 years in the tribal adornments business, I amassed quite a collection of miscellaneous bits and bobs that I put aside for "later", naively thinking I would  someday sort/clean/salvage them and either use them myself or offer them for sale.  This turned into years of stashing, well, every kind of thing.  I had to do something about all this stuff so I offered it in a huge "as is" sale.  Now, along with a few things I keep "finding" here and there, I also have what's left of a costuming side gig to find new homes for.  In these lots are items that are left over from making costuming pieces, things that we never got around to using, cool bits and bobs that we thought we would use ... eventually, and some things that I have NO IDEA what they are.  And not all are tribal - there will be sparkle here too.  Happy hunting!



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