Thanks everyone for your patience while I was away on holiday!  I'm back to the business of bringing you great tribal jewelry, textiles and DIY supplies.  Need something?  Just ask!  (posted 28 May 2019)

Did you know we're on Etsy???
Take a look at our Etsy store next time you are visiting.  I'll be stocking it with some of our nice jewelry pieces and lots of DIY items, including OOAK groupings.  Click HERE to check it out!
(posted 11 Oct 2018)
In compliance with GDPR regulations, our EU customers should see new options to export or delete their personal data from our website.  These options are shown on your "My Account" page underneath your orders list.  If you have not set up an account with our web site, no information has been stored.
(posted 24 May 2018)

We are continuing to refine the look of the web site to improve readability and help it function more smoothly.  Thanks for your patience with this protracted overhaul of the site!
(posted 28 Nov 2017)  


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