Vintage Yemeni Faux Coral Ring - Size 6 - Yemen Tribal Jewelry Belly Dance - Talisman Evil Eye Protection

Item No: JRX0038
Country of Origin: Yemen
Materials: Mixed Metas, Glass or Plastic Jewel
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Vintage Yemeni ring with faux coral, small bells, wirework and a bit of granulation.  

Size: 6 US
Materials: Mixed Metals and Glass
Stone Shape:  Cylinder/Bead
Stone/Jewel Color:  Orange
Inset is a glass bead made to resemble coral and is ORANGE.

Vintage ring from Yemen.  Inset is a glass bead, used in place of coral.  Four small bells attached around the inset.  Band is decorated with filigree floral appliques.  US size 6.  Mixed metals probably with a little silver content.  Please note:  glass bead is ORANGE, and not a yellow orange.  A traditional and authentic look from Yemen originally used as a talisman against evil spirits.  Great conversation starter!

All traditional bedouin jewelry is used as a talisman and has a protective value against the evil eye.  (Almost all personal adornment does double duty as protection.)  The color red (and red/orange) is especially protective and is used often in jewelry by incorporating coral, red glass, carnelian stones or other naturally red colored items. 



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