Vintage Turkoman Tumar Household Protective Charm Dogachik

Item No: TXX0026
Country of Origin: Turkoman /Central Asia
Materials: Silk/Cotton, Fabric, Glass Beads
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Old Turkoman embroidered household protective charm.  

Width:  about 6 inches
Length: 9 inches
Primary Colors:  Multi
Embroidery, tassels with beads
Attachment:  String loop at the top

Tumar protective charm measures 6 inches wide and is about 9 inches long including tassels.  Embroidery in traditional patterns on a thick folded fabric or cardboard base.  Hand made silk tassels with thread-wrapped strands, a bit of knot work and glass beads.  Traditionally made with natural fiber fabric and threads, and silk tassel fringes.  This piece has some color bleed onto the white base fabric.

These old triangular household charms called "tumar" or sometimes "dogachik" have been used for ages to protect the owner or wearer from evil spirits.  Each is as different in pattern, colors and materials used as the individual makers, but all are the classic triangular shape representing a mountain, with colorful beads, embroidery, shells, fringe or other adornments to confuse and distract evil spirits.  Hang one in your house or car to keep that pesky evil eye at bay! 

This is a tribally used item.  These pieces are entirely produced by hand and measurements will vary in places.  This item may be faded, torn or frayed, have raw edges, may be dirty or smell of animals, smoke or incense.

A NOTE ABOUT COLOR:  The threads used in this piece are a natural fiber and have been dyed with natural dyes.   It would be best to hang this item out of direct sunlight to keep colors  from further fading.   Keep this item dry - natural dyes may bleed.  The photos of this piece could not capture the true color of the purple/blue used.  They are darker than they appear in the two full length photos and more closely resemble the color in the close up photo.  Please remember that all computer monitors show color differently and there will be some variation.    



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