Vintage Turkoman Style Tribal Chain Fringe - 42 Inches - Tribal Belly Dance Costume Flat Dangles

Item No: DMH0696
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals
Qty in Stock: 1

Vintage Turkoman chain fringe with flat dangles. 

Length:  42 Inches
Width (top chain to bottom of dangles): About 2 inches
Materials:  Mixed Metals
Metal Finish:  Unpolished
Metal Color:  Silvery, tarnished
Drops are a cross between a diamond shape and a teardrop.

Vintage Turkoman style chain fringe with dangles cut from sheet metal.  I see no missing dangles on this piece of chain, and it appears to be in great shape.  Although I can see no obvious flaws, vintage chain is rarely in perfect condition.   Please check photos closely.  Quite a long piece of chain with a beautiful look.  

Tribal chain fringe adds beautiful detailing to tribal and fusion costuming belts, bras and accessories.  Links are made of wire and can easily be snipped with wire cutters to customize your length.  Turkoman style chain fringe for costuming and jewelry making.  Turkoman Style chain fringe adds swing and jingle to tribal belly dance costuming.  Shorter pieces are great for adding detail to accessories.   Flat dangles also catch the light and draw attention to your every move. 


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