Vintage Tharu Kanthshri Necklace - Tribal Belly Dance Jewelry - Spiky Original Tribal

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Item No: JNX0057
Country of Origin: Nepal
Materials: Mixed Metals
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Tharu kanthshri necklace.  These spikes are fierce and will look fantastic on stage! 

Length:  18 inches
Width:  2.5 inches
Pendant materials:  Mixed metals
Metal Color:  Tarnished, slightly brassy
Metal Finish: Unpolished
Closure:  Coin and loop
Traditional necklace of the Tharu people with three coins used as additional adornment.

These necklaces can be considered original tribal!  Very spiky and fierce looking.  Made of separate pieces strung together on rolled fabric cord.  Mixed metals are slightly brassy and unpolished.  18 inches from coin to loop and about 2.5 inches wide.  

The Tharu people traditionally lived in the forested and fertile strip of land called the Terai at the foot of the Himalayas in Nepal and northeastern India.  Among the Tharu almost all their personal items, from clothing to household goods are handmade and reflect an eye for beauty.  Their clothing is colorful and beautifully embroidered, each woman making her own dresses in a unique design.  Their jewelry is often large and bold and is worn in quantity.  Jewelry can be adorned with either geometric or organic patterns and perhaps a little of both.  Historically made of silver, their adornment is now more and more often mixed metals.  Tharu jewelry pieces show influences from many other cultures, including Middle Eastern, Indian and Southeast Asian. 


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