Vintage Nepali Tribal Necklace - Coin and Glass Bead Tribal Belly Dance Jewelry - SALE

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Item No: JNX0063
Country of Origin: India
Materials: Glass Beads and Mixed Metal Coins
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Vintage Nepali glass bead necklace with coins.

Length:  24 inches
Materials:  Vintage glass beads, mixed metal coins
Metal Finish:  Unpolished
Bead Color(s):  Deep translucent red, opaque olive greens
Bead Materials: Glass
Closure:  Hook and Ring

Old nepali necklace of vintage glass beads and coins has been restrung from the original, insecure, worn cord to assure it does not break while wearing.  Deep red and olive green beads are combined with Nepali coins in a traditional design.  About 24 inches total length.  Hook and ring closure.  Traditional colors are muted and quite lovely.  

You can find many tribal people in Nepal, including the Tharu and Adivasi, and there are as many different types of jewelry as there are tribes.  Jewelry traditions range from primitive to very sophisticated.  Materials can include, glass, various metals and a variety of natural and found objects including copal resins, shells, nuts/seeds, bones, teeth and claws.  


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