Vintage Kuchi Small Tribal Headpiece - Headwear for Tribal Belly Dance Costuming - Balochi Hazara Waziri Kuchi Jewelry

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Item No: JHK0064
Country of Origin: Afghanistan / Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass Beads and Jewels, Fabric
Condition: Used / Excellent
Qty in Stock: 1


Small vintage tribal Kuchi headpiece with jewels and beading.

Headpiece length (side to side):  10.5 Inches from end to end, not including fabric band
Band Circumference (around the head): About 20 Inches
Metal Band Width (top to bottom):  About 1 Inch not including beading and bells
Materials:  Mixed Metals, Glass Jewels, Fabric Base, Glass Beads
Metal Color:  Silvery
Metal Finish:  Unpolished

This vintage Kuchi headpiece is made in a design typical for the Pakistani tribes.  Even though this piece is vintage, it is well made and in great condition.  Built on a fabric base, with a circular band running around the head like a headband, and another running front to back across the top of the head.  It fits a bit like a cap and can be adjusted easily by taking it in or adding additional fabric.  Entire piece measures about 20 inches around.  Metal band is about 1 inch wide, not including bells and fabric.  Clorful glass jewels.  The fabric backing on this piece is new with a bit of glass beading along the top edge.  A nice small headpiece for those that may prefer a lighter weight piece on the head.

The Baloch or Baluch are a people who live mainly in the Balochistan region of the southeastern-most edge of the Iranian plateau in Pakistan, Iran, and Afghanistan, as well as in the Arabian Peninsula.


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