Turkoman Tribal Belly Dance Cuff Bracelet PAIR - Tribal Jewelry - SALE

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Item No: JBC0140
Country of Origin: Turkoman / Central Asia
Qty in Stock: 1

Pair of Turkoman cuffs with lozenge shaped red glass jewels, wirework and applied metal details.  This design is a traditional Turkoman two-row design, including the claw-like edges at the opening in the back.  

Measures about 3 inches wide/long.  These cuffs are slightly tapered and the inner circumference varies from about 67.5 at the wrist end to 7.5 inches at the upper end.  The gap measures about 1.5 inches.   Highly polished mixed metals have a very silvery shine.  These cuffs are not easily adjustable.  You may be able to change the size by working with them.

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