Tuareg Tribal Agate Ring / Hair Ring - Size 5 - Tribal Belly Dance Jewelry - North African Jewelry

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Item No: JRX0056
Country of Origin: Niger/Mali/Algeria
Materials: Mixed Metals, Agate
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Tuareg tribal agate hair ring from Morocco.  

Size: 5 US
Materials: Mixed Metals, natural stone
Finish: Unpolished metal.  Stone is polished
Metal Color:  Silvery
Ring Face:  5/8 inch wide, 5/8 inch tall

These rings are made in a wide range of sizes and shapes and are traditionally used in the hair, on headpieces or on necklaces as protective adornment.  But they make fantastic finger rings as well.  This one is topped with a  piece of carnelian agate.  Etched detailing on the metal setting.  US size 5.  Authentic tribal Tuareg piece from Mali.  

Tuareg jewelry is much sought after for it's clean lines and geometric style.  These beautiful rings come in an infinite variety and can range from very large/tall to quite small.  These rings are worn in Mali, Maurtania and Niger in the hair, on headpieces or wraps or as on necklaces.  The Tuareg are a nomadic people, most of whom live in the Saharan and Sahelian regions—southern Algeria, western Libya, eastern Mali, northern Niger, and northeastern Burkina Faso.  They are believed to be descendants of the North African Berbers and to have originated in the Fezzan region of Libya but later to have expanded into areas bordering the Sahara, assimilating into their traditionally stratified society the sedentary farming peoples from regions south of the Sahara.  In Tuareg culture, there is great appreciation of the arts, and they are craftsmen of fine silver jewelry, woodwork (delicately decorated spoons and ladles and carved camel saddles), and dyed and embroidered leatherwork.


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