Vintage Tribal Silver and Glass Gem Earrings - Belly Dance Traditional Tribal Silver Jewelry - SALE

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Item No: JEK0208
Country of Origin: India
Materials: Silver Alloy (unknown silver content), Glass
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Tribal Silver glass jewel earrings from India.  

Materials:  Tribal Silver, exact content unknown
Glass Mirror Jewels
Length: 3 inches including earwires
Width: slightly less than 1 inch
Earwire Gauge: About a 10 gauge

Vintage Indian earrings with beveled mirror glass jewels.   Large and eye-catching for stage.  Large hook wires at the top make these easy to put on and take off, great for quick costume changes.  The wires on these are somewhat thick, I would say about a 10 gauge so are not suitable unless your piercings have been stretched or you have been wearing heavier earrings for a long time.  These are not especially weighty, although the mirrors do add to the total.  About 3 inches long including top wires. About 1 inch wide.   Silver embellishment with diamond shapes above the mirror gem are slightly curved.  The tops of these diamond embellishment have seen a bit of wear/damage, but the quality of the materials used is unmistakable.  You don't see this quality in new mirror jewelry from anywhere in the world.  Please see photos for details.  Another beautiful piece that I have considered keeping for myself! 

As with all our tribal earrings, this pair is old and they have been used and treasured for many years.  Please clean the ear wires before wearing in your piercings.  



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