Vintage Silver Afghani Hoop Earrings - Tribal Silver - Belly Dance Tribal Silver Hoops - Authentic Tribal

Item No: JEX0028
Country of Origin: Afghanistan
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Tribal silver hoop earrings from Afghanisan.    

Materials:  Tribal Silver at about 75%
Length/Width: 2 inches
Earwire Gauge: These look like they are about a 10 to 12 gauge.  
Handcrafted wires are fairly consistent in thickness.  

Old pair of tribal silver hoop earrings from Afghanistan.  Wires are a bit thick, perhaps a 10 to 12 gauge.   Tribal silver wire is shaped into a hoop with a with hook and eye to close.  Small flower detail below the eyelet.  2 inches across. These hoops have a clean, simple look and would go well with costuming for skirt dances or ren faire garb.  Fairly lightweight and easy to wear.

These cannot be worn in regular ear piercings unless you have stretched your piercings or have been wearing large, heavy earrings for a while. 

These earrings are old, tribally used pieces.  If you will be wearing these in your piercings without tunnels and directly against your skin, please make sure the wires are clean before wearing.  



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