Vintage Indian Silver Amulet Case Necklace - SALE

Item No: JNN0079
Country of Origin: India / Rajasthan
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Gorgeous old Indian necklace of silver amulet cases and silver beads.   Still strung on the original black cotton cord, adorned with red knot work and silver metallic thread wrapping.  One large central amulet case boasts glass jewels and small dangles.  Four additional small amulet cases and four old silver beads make this a lush and refined piece of personal adornment.  It brings to mind the highly decorated and lovely Indian women wearing large amounts of silver jewelry, dressed in colorful saris.  

Indian amulet cases are sealed and do not open.  They usually contain a slip of paper inscribed with a protective saying.   Cord is a continuous loop and slips over the head to wear.  Length can be adjusted with a slide knot (which is itself adorned with metallic thread) from 21 inches to about 42 inches.  Center amulet case is about 3.25 inches across and 2.25 inches long.   A beautiful piece of traditional adornment.

Originally $475 - NOW JUST $275!!



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