Old Silver Indian Long Cuff Pair - Tribal Silver Jewelry

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Item No: JBN0147
Minimum Quantity: 1
Country of Origin: India / Rajasthan
Qty in Stock: 1

Gorgeous old silver long cuff pair from India.   This pair is from Rajasthan, but this style of cuff is worn all across northern and western India.  Lovely detailed design.  You can see that they have been worn and used,particularly along the opening.  Polished at some point not long ago in their lifetime, but are beginning to tarnish again.  Tapered to fit nicely on the wrist and forearm.

One-piece design with pin.  These cuffs were meant to be put on and left on for long periods of time.  Pull the pin out, slip onto your wrist/arm and replace the pin. These are not as heavy as they look, and I think would be easy to wear.  Inner circumference when closed is 5.75 inches at the wrist end.  Inner circumference when closed is 8.25 inches at the forearm end.   Alternatively, they can be worn open WITHOUT replacing the pins, to fit a larger circumference.  They are 4-1/8 inches long.  

This item sold as a PAIR.  They are absolutely superb.

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