Olami Turkoman Tribal Belly Dance Cuff Bracelet PAIR - Tekke Yomud Ersari Saryk - Old Tribal Silver - SALE

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Item No: JBC0148
Country of Origin: Turkoman / Central Asia
Condition: Excellent
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Amazing pair of Olami Turkoman cuff bracelets to take your tribal silver collection to the next level.  The much sought after Olami cuff bracelet in tribal silver and traditional design.  

Current size: 6-3/8" inner circumference.
Gap: 5/8" between the "teeth" in the back.
Width: 3-3/8" 
Materials:  Tribal Silver, 85%
Etched design is traditional
Price listed is for a PAIR of cuffs

Vintage cuffs date early to mid 20th century.  Handcrafted with banding, wirework and traditional chased design.  Traditional 'teeth' on the back.  As currently sized, the inner circumference of these cuffs is about 6-3/8 inches, including a gap of about 5/8 of an inch.  These can be shaped a bit to fit a larger or smaller wrist.  3-3/8 inches wide.  These have a very good weight and feel.  At least 85% silver.  
Overall in fine condition.  These are adjustable by squeezing or pulling open.  Very comfortable to wear, although taking them off can be a bit difficult.  
This listing is for a PAIR of Olami Turkoman cuffs.

Turkoman tribes live in the modern countries of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and Turkey.  The Olam are a subgroup of the Ersari tribe of Turkmen.   The Turkoman, or Turkmen, were traditionally pastoral nomads who lived in encampments, raised livestock, bred horses, and occasionally plundered settled areas.  Turkmen silver jewelry carries deep symbolic meanings and often marks an individual’s passage from one stage of life to another. Turkmen jewelry is often large and heavy.  Sub-group origin of jewelry pieces can be told by differing designs. 



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