Souss Berber Large Pendant - Etched Niello Large Round Pendant for Tribal Belly Dance Costuming - Berber Amazigh Imazighen Tribal Jewelry

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Item No: JPM0109
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass Jewel
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Large Moroccan Berber, or Amazigh, pendant with etching, niello and enamel.  

Length: About 4.5 inches including small dangles
Width: 2.75 inches
Embellishments:  Etched design with niello.  Two small dots of yellow paint to imitate enamel.  Large red glass jewel. 
Materials: Mixed metals
Metal Color: Silvery
Finish: Unpolished
Attachment:  Bale at the top. 

Large Amazigh (Berber) pendants of this type are traditionally worn suspended from large hoop "earrings" on a headpiece.  Mixed metals are a tarnished silvery color.  About 4.5 inches long and about 2.75 inches wide.  There is a short piece of cord attached to this pendant which could have been used to loop this pendant around something in a home or to decorate a personal item. Cord is not long enough to be a necklace.  Lovely and lightweight.  

The Berber people, or Amazigh as they call themselves are an ethnic group of several nations indigenous mostly to North Africa and in some northern parts of Western Africa -  Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, northern Mali, northern Niger, and a small part of western Egypt.


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