Kuchi Afghani Tribal Sleeve Belt 33.5 Inches - Beadwork Mirrorwork Buttons and Chain Fringe - Tribal Belly Dance Belt for Costuming

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Item No: TLA0120
Country of Origin: Afghanistan / Pakistan
Materials: Fabric, Glass Beads, Glass Mirrors, Mixed Metals
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Kuchi Afghani sleeve panel belt with beadwork, mirrorwork, tribal buttons and chain fringe. 

Length:  33.5 inches long
Textile Width:  About 3 inches
Total Width:  5 inches (includes chain fringe)
Base Fabric Color:  Magenta/Purple-Pink
Embellishments:  Mirrors, beadwork, tribal buttons, bead medallions, chain fringe
Embellishment Colors:  Green, White, Blue
Ties:  About 14 inches each
Nicely embellished colorful tribal costume belt

Pretty and colorful Kuchi Afghan sleeve belt in a magenta fabric with beadwork, mirrors, tribal buttons bead medallions and chain fringe.  There are 14 inche ties on each end.  Fabric base is 33.5 inches long and about 3 inches wide. These belts are made from the panels that adorn large bell-shaped Kuchi dress sleeves.

In the old tradition, the Kuchi nomads decorated almost everything they owned, including their animals and themselves.  They used items that were plentiful or easily obtainable, such as glass seed beads and coins, and made others such has stamped metal amulets and buttons.  They also made tassels, poms and embroidered almost everything.  Belt bases such as this one are just one example of their craft.  


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