Two Small Metal Boxes - SALE

Item No: JMX0044
Minimum Quantity: 1
Country of Origin: Afghanistan
Qty in Stock: 1

Two metal boxes with attached lids.  Mixed metals, slightly brassy.  Smaller box is a round turkoman box with wirework detailing on the side.  Lid is attached by a handmade chain.  About 1.25 inches across.  5/8 of an inch deep. 

Larger Kuchi box is octagonal.  Lid is decorated with stamped design and glass jewels and is attached by a hinge.  This piece was probably part of a bazu band at one time, since it has a loop on each side.  About 2 inches wide.  5/8 of an inch deep.

Photos show both boxes from the top, from the side and with lids open.

Originally $20 - NOW $10!!