Old Set of Moroccan Hair Perfumers - Hair Rings - SALE

Item No: JPM0063
Country of Origin: Morocco
Qty in Stock: 1

Set of Moroccan Berber hair perfumers, or hair rings.  These large pieces are filled with scented wool and worn by women on plaits of hair so a lovely perfumed scent follows the wearer wherever she goes.    

Each of these rings is about 1.5 inches across and about 3.75 inches from ring to tip.  An older set, with a bit of enamel in traditional colors still adhering.  This set is in good condition, no large imperfections.  There is no rust on this set, the yellow enamel is a bit rusty in color, but it is the enamel and not the metal.  A bit tarnished.  Sold as a set.

Originally $120 - NOW $65!!


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