Tribal Belly Dance Drape Belt - Chain Fringe Dance Belt with Kuchi Coins and Pendants

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Item No: JLK0021
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals, Cord
Qty in Stock: 1


Gorgeous belly dance drape belt for costuming or practice. 

Length: 36 inches, not including ties
Materials: Black cord, mixed metal components
Metal Color: Mostly silvery with slightly brassy undertones
Metal Finish: Unpolished, but some of the stud buttons are a bit shinier than the chain and coins
Includes stud buttons, chain fringe, coins and Kuchi coin pendants 

Fantastic tribal dance belt with stud buttons, chain fringe, coins and small Kuchi coin pendants makes a beautiful hip accent piece for performing or practice.  These belt are made specially for The Red Camel, and combine the best of Kuchi tribal dance belts into one easy-to-wear piece.  Black belt base is 36 inches long, not including ties.  Ties on each end allow for somewhat adjustable length.  Use as-is for a simple addition to any costume, or sew to the bottom of a fabric belt for a customized look.  

Our new Kuchi pieces are made by displaced tribal craftsmen from Afghanistan, now living in Pakistan.  These talented jewelry makers earn their living by making new pieces in old tribal styles, combining old components into new pieces, and creating new designs with a tribal look.  The designs available are ever changing, because many of the makers move from place to place, crossing areas and borders much as they did when they followed their herds as nomads.   These days they cross back and forth to find work, visit family or to find jobs.


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