Silver Rajasthani Tribal Arm Band - SALE

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Item No: JBN0135
Country of Origin: India
Qty in Stock: 1

Rajasthani upper arm band in sterling silver.  Hollow band is wider in the middle and is adorned with wire wrapped-clasp.  There is a .925 stamp on the band, visible in the photos.  Inner circumference is 10.25 inches.  Inner diameter is 3.25 inches.  About half an inch wide, but varies.  This piece is somewhat flexible to allow for the clasp to open, but it can easily be slipped over the hand and up the arm.  The clasp is a peg and hole type.  Open by pulling the ends apart and close by fitting the peg back into the hole on the opposite side.   Slightly tarnished but in excellent condition.  

Price listed is for ONE arm band.

Originally $255 - NOW JUST $150!!



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