Old Tribal Silver Indian Dangles Necklace - SALE

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Item No: JNN0027
Country of Origin: India
Qty in Stock: 1

Detailed old silver necklace with triangular pendant and amulet case.  Two elements combined to make a very intricate necklace on fine handmade chain.  Large 2.5 inch amulet case is detailed with chased floral design.  Triangular pendant has repousse design and a red glass jewel.  Some unusual twisted wire rings and lots of glimmering stamped dangles in mango blossom, flower and crescent design and a couple of very old coins.

Neck chain is about 25 inches long to the triangular pendant.  Drop from triangular pendant to bottom of dangles is about 5.75 inches.  Triangle pendant is about 2 inches across.  Amulet case is 2.5 inches across.  Amulet case is sterling grade silver, almost all the other components are tribal silver, a few dangles are mixed metal.

Lots of detail on this one.  I think it may have been two separate pieces combined into one since the styles are very different.  This piece would be easy to incorporate to a costume or could be separated into two necklaces if you're crafty. 

Originally $250 - NOW JUST $175!!



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