Small Waziri Tribal Buttons - Pack of 50

Item No: DMB0300
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Qty in Stock: 2

Pack of 50 small flat Turkoman style buttons.  Mixed metals.  These were sorted into packs that most resembled each other, but there will be some variation in size and design.  These measure between .5 and .75 inches across.  Metal shank for sewing or stringing.

Please note:  These are USED buttons that have previously adorned clothing and other items.  They are hand-stamped and hand-assembled.  These buttons will have small flaws such as loops being off center, the stamping being off center, small dents, or the edges may be bent or curled.  Few if any of these will match, they will be different patterns, different metal colors and possibly slightly different sizes.  This is the nature of old, used pieces and adds to the beauty and individuality of the costuming you are creating.  Please keep this in mind when ordering. 


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