Small Tribal Coins - Kuchi Coins - Tribal Belly Dance DIY - Pack of 50

Item No: DMC0004
Country of Origin: Pakistan / Afghanistan
Qty in Stock: 14


Pack of 50 small round coins. 

Coin Size:  About 1/2 to 7/8 inch in diameter.  A few may be smaller or slightly larger.
Coins in Packet:  50
Materials:  Mixed Metals
Metal Color:  Various, can be dark, silvery, coppery or brassy and may have patina, rust or other discoloration.

Real Pakistani, Afghani or Persian coins with soldered loops for sewing or stringing on cord.  Quick and easy to attach!  Photo is representative, each pack contains slightly different coins, but all are about 1/2 to 7/8 inch in diameter.  Great for decorating tribal costuming or other do-it-yourself projects. 

Please note that tribal coins can vary greatly in condition.  Coins will not necessarily match in design, condition, wear or coloration.  Coins are sorted for size and useability and can vary greatly in design.  We cannot guarantee that they will match each other, or will all be in the same condition from pack to pack or within a pack.  Some coins will be loose and some may be strung on short pieces of cord.  (Coins on cord can easily be cut apart with scissors.)  These are old, tribally used coins and their condition will reflect their history.

For Customers Outside the US:
This item cannot be shipped to some countries outside the US.  Please email for information about shipping to your country.


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