Turkoman Tribal Bilezek Cuff Pair - Tribal Belly Dance Cuff Bracelets Pair - Turkoman Two-Row Cuffs - Belly Dance Jewelry Bracelet Cuff

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Item No: JBC0158
Country of Origin: Turkoman / Central Asia
Materials: Mixed Metas, Glass Cabochons
Qty in Stock: 1


Pair of Tribal Ersari Turkoman cuff bracelets.  

Current size: 6.75" to 7.25" inner circumference - slightly tapered
Gap: 1.25 inches between the "teeth" in the back
Width (wrist to forearm): 3.25 inches
Materials: Mixed metals, glass jewels
Metal Color:  Brassy
Finish:  Unpolished but a bit shiny
Details: Wirework and applied metal stamps with deep red glass jewels
Traditional pair of Turkoman Ersari 2-row bilezik cuffs.

Vintage cuffs from mid 20th century.  Handcrafted with banding, wirework and application of small metal stamps.  Traditional design has 'teeth' in the back.  As currently sized, the total inner circumference of these cuffs (including 1.25" gap)  measures from 6.75 to 7.25 inches.  They are slightly tapered for a more comfortable fit.  You may be able to adjust these a bit to fit a larger or smaller wrist, but the metal is fairly rigid and it would take some work to do it.  3.25 inches long.  Mixed metals are brassy and somewhat shiny.  

Overall in good condition.  This item is a PAIR of Turkoman cuffs for the listed price.

Women in the nomadic communities of what is today Turkmenistan, often wore heavy, conspicuous jewelry. Worn as part of the bridal dowry, these cuffs were always worn in pairs. The bracelets were tapered so that they fit the contours of the wrists. The red carnelian or glass was believed to protect the wearer against miscarriage and disease. Red was associated with happiness. The bracelets, open on one side are edged with serrated elements known as "snake heads" meant to symbolize life and give the wearer further talismanic protection. 


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