West African Glass Talhakimt - White - IMPERFECT - North Africa - Morocco - Belly Dance Adornment

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Item No: JPB0018
Country of origin: Mali / Mauritania / West Africa
Materials: Glass
Qty in Stock: 1

Old glass talhakimt from West Africa.  These pretty and unusual items are used for pendants, hair adornments and other decoration, mostly in Mali and Mauritania.  These are made in many different sizes and colors, usually of glass or agate.  The larger glass pieces such as these were originally Czech trade beads originating in the early 1900s which were themselves based on an even older design from India. 

These are approximately 2.25 inches long and about 1.25 inches wide but will vary a bit from piece to piece.  They have been used as tribal adornment in country and may be dirty or pitted from wear, and may have small chips or worn edges.  All are white in color but there is some variation in shade.  These can be washed and even scrubbed gently if desired, although they are glass and should be handled with care. 

Price is for ONE talhakimt.


PLEASE NOTE:  These pieces have NOTICEABLE IMPERFECTIONS such as large chips, or cracks that are through one side to the inside circle.  These items can be used for costuming or jewelry making but please be aware that they will have imperfections that can be seen by the casual observer and may affect the itegrity of the item.  I have taken a price reduction on them for these imperfections. 



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