Old Moroccan Berber Amazigh Taguemout Egg Beads - Set of Three - Moroccan Enamel Bead, Tribal Belly Dance DIY Bead, Berber Tribal Jewelry

Item No: JPB0089
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed Metals, Enamel
Qty in Stock: 1

Three vintage Moroccan Berber taguemout or "egg" beads.  Large and colorful. 

Size: Each is about 1.75 inches across and 1-3/8 inches from top to bottom.
Bead Circumference:  About 4.5 inches
Hole size:  About 5 mm
Enamel Colors:  Orange and deep blue
Materials: Mixed metals, enamel
Attachment:  Hollow with holes for stringing

Vintage taguemout or "egg" beads from Morocco.  About 1.75 inches wide and 1-3/8 inches top to bottom.   Hollow with holes for stringing onto necklaces or other projects.  Repeating eye design.  The enamel on these beads is old and chipped in places.  These beads still carry a lot of their tribal grime with them!  The perfect focal bead direct from tribal Morocco! 

Large, beautiful taguemout beads are highly ornate and decorated with wirework and colorful enamel.  They come in many varieties and color combinations.  These beads were produced in the Tiznit area of southern Morocco in the Anti Atlas Mountains.  

Traditionally, taguemout beads represent fertility and are worn in abundance by Berber women on necklaces and on the connecting chain or "necklace" between fibula pins.  The repeating eye motif (circle within a circle) is used for protection from the evil eye.  Enamel is the art of using molten glass to fill in spaces, usually between wirework, with solid color.


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