Pair of Vintage Kuchi Beaded Tribal Medallions Gul - 2.75 and 3 Inches - Belly Dance Costuming DIY Rounds Rosettes Disks

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Item No: TDG0879
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials : Glass Beads, Fabric, Cardboard
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Pair of vintage Afghani tribal beaded medallions called "gul".

Size:  2.5 and 3 inches
Shape:  Round
Center:  Empty or remnants of plastic mirror frame
Thickness:  About 3/8 inch
Base:  Fabric and Cardboard
Beads:  Glass
Colors:  Multi
Each of these is a slightly different size than the other - one is 2.75 inches across, the other is 3 inches across

Pair of round medallions.  These tribal pieces are called gul, and have been removed from old clothing or other decorative items.  Because these pieces are handmade, there may be some slight variation in size, shape or pattern.  Medallions are made from glass seed beads (also possibly plastic beads that imitate tiny cowrie shells) and a backing material that can include a cardboard or plastic disc covered in fabric or a backing of felt, which can sometimes be made from animal hair.  Backing material may be quite thick or stiff, or can be thin and flexible.    

Afghani beadwork is some of the finest in the world, often with intricate mathematical patterns.  (Studies have been done on the mathematics of Kuchi beadwork - ask me about it!)  Please be aware that these pieces have been used and reused, often many times, and will show wear in places.  If necessary, beadwork can often be repaired simply by running a bit of beading floss through the beads and knotting it securely.


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