Kuchi Dome Top Red Glass Tribal Ring - Size 8 - Vintage Tribal Jewelry for Belly Dance

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Item No: JRK0086
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass or Plastic Inset
Qty in Stock: 1

Vintage dome-top red glass Kuchi ring.  A traditional and authentic piece to add to your tibal dance wardrobe.

Size: 8 US
Materials: Mixed Metals, glass or plastic stone
Metal Finish: Unpolished
Jewel Color: Red
Jewel Shape:  Round
Raised dome with red inset

Vintage Kuchi ring from Afghanistan.  Inset is a red glass or plastic stone.  Raised dome with red inset.  The face of this ring is decorated with granulation work.   Band is wide with some etched decoration to it.  US size 8.  A nice heavier weight old ring (not a new lightweight piece) to add to your tribal rings collection.  

Red is traditionally a protective color in the Middle East and Central Asia (almost all personal adornment does double duty as protection.)  The color red (and red/orange) is especially protective and is used often in jewelry by incorporating coral, red glass, carnelian stones or other naturally red colored items.  


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