Kashmiri Style Multi-Tier Necklace - Vintage Tribal Jewelry for Belly Dance - Beads and Pendants

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Item No: JNL0085
Country of Origin: Pakistan / Kashmir Region
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass Jewels
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Large vintage multi-tier necklace in the Kashmiri style with lots of jingling bells.

Length:  Top tier from outer point of triangle terminal to the opposite terminal is 12 inches.  Ties add another 11 inches to the length.
Materials:  Mixed Metals
Metal Color:  Mostly Silvery, Tarnished
Metal Finish:  Unpolished 
Closure:  Ties
Tie Length:  5.5 inches each
Traditional beads, jeweled terminals and lots of jingling bells.

Very large necklace in a style traditional to the Kashmiri region, between Pakistan and India.  Multiple tiers with metal beads and lots of jingling bells.  Mixed metals.  Cord ties.   Large and showy.  This is a heavy necklace!  A beautiful high-impact piece for tribal dance, destined to be a standout on stage!

The Kashmir is a region of the northwestern India. It is bounded by the Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang to the northeast and the Tibet Autonomous Region to the east (both parts of China), by the Indian states of Himachal-Pradesh and Punjab to the south, by Pakistan to the west, and by Afghanistan to the northwest and personal adorment from this region reflects the influences of all of these areas while still retaining it's own unique jewelry traditions.  


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