Coins and Buttons Tribal Animal Decoration - Kuchi Coin Pendants, Coin Buttons on Cord for Tribal Belly Dance Costuming DIY

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Item No: JMX0050
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals
Qty in Stock: 1

String of coin buttons and coin pendants on flat woven cord with metallic trim.  

Total Length:  77 inches decorated length
Width of Cord:  3/4 inch
Materials: Coins, buttons are mixed metals
Number of Coins:  76
Number of Buttons:  94
Metal Color:  Mostly silvery, unpolished
Attachment:  Soldered bales

Small tribal Kuchi coin buttons and tribal coin pendants on cord.  I think these pieces are used on animals as decoration and perhaps to ward off bad influences.  The cord can be cut at any point to use on costuming, just secure the ends and sew it in place.  Cord is about 3/4 inch wide.  XL coins are over 1 inch across.  Buttons are made from small coins and are 11/16 inch across.  An easy way to add great tribal detailing to costuming.  There are a couple of places where coins are missing.  Please see photos for details.  

these nice large pieces are great for adorning costuming with matching DIY components.  Old animal trappings are used and will have some small flaws.  These should not be considered defects, but add character and authenticity to tribal items.  Perfect for adding tribal detailing to clothing, costumes, jewelry or other DIY projects.


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