Ethiopian Copal Bead Necklace - Tribal Belly Dance Jewelry - Amulet Prayer Tube

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Item No: JNX0069
Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass and Copal Resin
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Ethiopian copal bead and prayer tube necklace.

Length:  Can be tied from about 21 inches up to 34 inches or more.
Bead materials:  Mixed Metals, Copal Resins, Glass
Metal Color:  Silvery, Tarnished
Metal Finish: Unpolished
Focal:  Prayer Tube
Focal Measurement:  1-7/8 Inches Across
Closure:  Ties with Yarn

Necklace made from Ethiopian components.  This necklace is made from silvery, slightly tarnished mixed metal beads of various sizes, two red glass eye or "skunk" beads and eight amber colored copal resin beads.  Closes with yarn ties.  Can be worn as short as about 21 inches and as long as up to 34 inches or more.  Cylinder-shaped prayer tube in the center measures about 1-7/8 inches across.

The different cultural influences that concentrate in the Horn of Africa have made Ethiopia ethnically and culturally diverse and have brought about the emergence of specific art traditions in jewelry. Traditional materials that have been used for centuries here include silver, gold, bronze, ivory and amber.  Jewelry is part of a complex system of defining ethnic or class affiliation, or is part of the equally complex system of magical thought.  Ethiopian civilization was for many centuries cut off by nearly inaccessible geography but still has absorbed and transformed ideas from distant lands.  Designs and materials from African regions, the Saudi peninsula and even as far away as the Baltics and Europe all made contributions to Ethiopian jewelry.    


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