Miao Chinese Silver Filigree Ring - New Size 7.25 - Tribal Belly Dance Jewelry for Costuming - Chinese Minorities Miao Hmong

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Item No: JRX0058
Country of Origin: China
Materials: Silver Alloy
Qty in Stock: 1


Tribal Miao silver filigree finger ring - new. 

Size: 7.25 US
Materials: Silver alloy
Finish:  Polished
Metal Color:  Silver
Ring Face:  About 1 inch wide and 1 inch long, wraps over the top of the finger. 

These rings are made in a beautiful filigree design.  Miao silver (silver alloy 60%.)  US size 7.25.  Slim band in a twist design.  Lovely detailing.  

Price listed is for ONE ring.  

The Miao are an ethnic group belonging to South China and are recognized by the government of China as one of the 55 official minority groups. Miao is a Chinese term and does not reflect the self-designations of the component groups of people, which include (with some variant spellings) Hmong, Hmu, Xong (Qo-Xiong), and A-Hmao.  Silver jewelry is a well-known craftwork of the Miao people. Apart from being a cultural tradition, it also symbolises the wealth of Miao women.  As a Miao saying goes, “decorated with no silver or embroidery, a girl is not a girl”, Miao women are occasionally defined by the amount of silver jewelry she wears or owns.  It is especially important to wear heavy and intricate silver headdresses and jewelry during significant occasions and festivals, notably during weddings, funerals and springtime celebration.  Silver jewelry is an essential element of Miao marriages, particularly to the bride.  Miao families would begin saving silver jewellery for the girls at an early age, wishing their daughters could marry well with the large amount of silver jewelry representing the wealth of the family.


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