Miao Cuff Bracelet - Chinese Minority Wirework Cuff Bracelet - Tribal Belly Dance Cuff - Tribal Chinese Jewelry

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Item No: JBC0160
Country of Origin: China
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Large Miao Chinese minority tribal wirework cuff bracelet.

Circumference:  Adjustable but currently sized at about 7.5 inches
Diameter: Adjustable
Length: 2.5 inches 
Materials:  Silver alloy
Metal Color: Silvery but tarnished
Traditional wirework design.  The ends are flared a bit as shown in the photos.  

Price listed is for a SINGLE bracelet. 

Even though this designed is an older one, these cuffs  have a sleek modern look.  Large cuff bracelet is made from a silver alloy but is fairly lightweight  for its size.  They can be shaped to fit the arm from a circumference of 6.5 inches up to about 8 inches or perhaps a bit more.  2.5 inches long.  Silver content is around 60%.  Handmade by tribal craftsmen.

Price listed is for a SINGLE bracelet.

The Miao are a minority ethnic group living in southern China, and are recognized by the Chinese government as one of the 56 official ethnic groups.  The Miao are not a speciifc group, but is the Chinese term for four groups of people which include Hmong, Hmu, Xong, and A-Hmao.  The Miao are generally mountain dwelling peoples and live in Vietnam, Laos, Burma and Thailand in addition to China.  Because the Miao silver producing regions have no natural silver resources, the hardworking Miao people used to melt almost all the silver coins and ingots they earned.  But from the 1950s, the government began to regularly allocate special silver to the Miao people to as a sign of respect for their tradition and customs.  The minority group's silver jewelry is made using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. While Miao men also wear jewelry, womens' jewelry is often more delicate and may include crowns, flowers, hair clasps, combs, hair-pins, earrings, ear pendants, chains, locks, massive necklaces, bracelets, bells, etc. It takes more than one hour for a young woman to put the entire kit on and finish her makeup. One set of silver jewelry may weigh more than 10 kilograms (22 pounds).


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