Shisha Mirrors - Tribal Belly Dance Costume Mirrors 1 Inch - RED - 1 Dozen

Item No: DMM0004
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Glass, Plastic, Textile Cord
Condition: New
Qty in Stock: 44


Sew-on pre-made shisha mirrors for adorning costuming or other do-it-yourself projects.  Adds color and sparkle!  Many tribal peoples use handmade shisha mirrors to decorate clothing and other personal items, including household goods and animal trappings.  Handmade shisha mirrors are beautiful but are time consuming to make.  Pre-made shishas are fast and easy to attach!  These easy-to-apply pieces use a small glass mirror surrounded by a plastic ring wrapped in a colorful flat cord and secured by a few stitches in the back.  They can be sewn to any fabric or textile DIY costuming item.

Size:  Can measure from 7/8 of an inch up to 1 inch across
Number of mirrors in packet:  12 
Color:  Red.  Shade my vary slightly from pack to pack.
Materials:  Glass mirror, plastic ring, flat cord
Attachment:  Sew through cord/ring
If mirrors come loose or displaced during shipping, simply slip mirror back into place and sew to your DIY item.

Sew to any fabric DIY item by stitching through the cord around the outside of the ring and then through your costume or other DIY project.  Sew completely around each mirror taking a stitch every quarter inch or so for secure attachment. Instant color and flash!


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