Shisha 1 Inch ASSORTED - 1 Dozen - Tribal Belly Dance DIY Mirrors - Costume Mirrors

Item No: DMM0015
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Qty in Stock: 4


Sew-on shisha mirrors for adorning costuming or other do-it-yourself projects.  Mirrors are held in place by a small plastic ring wrapped in colorful cord.  Sew to any fabric by stitching through the cord around the outside of the ring to add color and sparkle to any project.  Real glass mirrors.  Diameter including cord-wrapped ring is from 7/8 of an inch to just over 1 inch across.  Sizes vary a bit dut to handmade nature of this product.

Sold in packs of 1 dozen mirrors in ASSORTED colors.  At least one of each color and no more than two of any color in each assorted pack.  

PLEASE NOTE:  These mirrors may be slightly different sizes.  They also may contain slightly different shades than the colors in our solid color packs.  For example, the yllow color may be slightly lighter or darker than the yellow in the solid color yellow packets, etc.  


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