Moroccan Silver Hamsa Pendant - Hand of Fatima

Item No: JPM0041
Minimum Quantity: 1
Country of Origin: Morocco
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One of the most ancient amuletic symbols still used in modern culture.  Adopted by both Islam and Judaism, there is a shared understanding of the symbol's meaning - the ability to ward off the evil eye and attract divine protection.  The hamsa shape is a five-fingered hand with a thumb on each side, thus the name 'hamsa' or 'chamsa' which means five in Arabic. 

This beautiful little pendant is made from over .900 silver with a larger green glass jewel in the center and a beautifully etched pattern of lines and swirls.  2.5 inches long and about 1-5/8 inches wide.  Bale at the top for stringing on chain or cord.  

Keep that pesky evil eye at bay!