Bulk Lot of Shisha Mirror Seconds and Pieces - Tribal Wholesale

Item No: WLX0045
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Qty in Stock: 1

Large lot of shisha mirror pieces, rejects and bits.  Some of these pieces are  just the colorful thread-wrapped rings, some are just the mirrors that have fallen out, some are a bit frayed, some are broken.  A few are probably fine with a little bit of sewing to tighten up the colorful wrapping.  Whole shisha mirrors can be put together from the pieces in this lot.  Sew or glue craft mirrors behind the emply rings, or you could even those large mylar paillettes.  All pieces are 1" and 1.25" shisha mirrors we sell in packs of 12.  About 190 pieces, 9 ounces. Great for crafters on a budget.


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