Tuareg Tribal Bangle Bracelet - SALE

Item No: JBM0038
Minimum Quantity: 1
Country of Origin: Morocco
Qty in Stock: 1

Old Tuareg bangle from Morocco.  Styled after the knobby bangles usually made in silver, this one is in mixed metals and the design is less pronounced.  Tuareg jewelry is much sought after for it's clean lines and geometric style.  Raised design on applied plaques with twisted wire detailing.

6-7/8 inches inner circumference and 2.25 inches inner diameter.  This is quite small, please measure to make sure that this will fit over your hand!  About 3/4 inch wide.  Leather lining on the inside.  These are lovely in a stack with other styles.  

SALE!  Originally $45 - NOW $20