New Moroccan Clasp Bracelet - Tribal Belly Dance Cuff Bracelet - Tiznit Morocco - Colonial Era Design

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Item No: JBM0060
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed Metals
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Pretty vintage Moroccan bracelet in an old traditional design.

Width:  About 3/4 inch
Inner Circumference: 6.75 Inches
Inner Diameter:  About 2.25 Inches
Materials: Mixed Metals
Metal Color: White Metal
Finish:  Polished, shiny
Closure:  Pin and Hinge

Small cuff bracelet from Morocco.  Nice small pin and hinge bracelet opens wide to make putting it on and taking it off easy.  Lightweight, detailed tribal design.  Wirework detailing, a bitof granulation work and traditional design.  6.75 inches inner circumference and about 2.25 inches inner diameter.  Hollow, not heavy.  Pin fits tightly, you will need to twist it to insert and remove.    

These are NEW pieces.  I have recently discovered that this design is from southern Morocco and dates to the French colonial era.  

Northern Africa (The Maghreb), at the crossroads of Europe and Africa, has a long and rich jewelry history with influences from many world cultures.  


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