Large Berber Moroccan Fibula Set - Folkloric Belly Dance Jewelry - Tribal Jewelry - Amazigh Berber - SALE

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Item No: JMF0033
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed metals, Glass
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Old Berber (or Amazigh as they call themselves) enamel fibula set from Morocco.  Fibula pins and center focal pendant are adorned with colorful enamel and glass jewels.  The 'necklace' is composed of handmade box chain.  The center of each 'arm' contains an old filigree-type bead.  There is a little enamel chipping here and there, but overall in very good condition.  A nice piece with good weight.  Fibula sets are perfect for ethnic dance costuming or adding to your jewelry collection.

This is a large set.  Measures about 33 inches from pin tip to pin tip.  Enamel sections attached ot the pins are about 2-1/4 inches wide.  Traditional red, green, yellow colors.  



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