Kuchi Wire Cuff with Bells - Single Cuff Bracelet -Tribal Belly Dance Jewelry - Wide Brassy Adjustable - LAST ONE!

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Item No: JBK0214
Country of Origin: Afghanistan / Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals
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New wire Kuchi tribal cuff bracelet perfect for tribal belly dance costuming. 

Length: About 4 Inches
Inner Circumference: Adjustable, currently set at about 7 Inches
Inner Diameter:  Adjustable, currently set at about 2.25 Inches
Materials: Mixed Metals
Metal Color: Brassy
Finish:  Slightly shiny
Closure:  Adjustable to size, open back

Adjustable wire cuff with open back design.  Lots of small jingling bells to attract the eye and delight the ear.  Tribal cuff from pakistan is based on an ancient design.  Individual wires held in place by metal frame with stamped designs.  About 4 inches from wrist to forearm.  Currently the inner circumference ranges from about 7 inches at the wrist up to almost 9 inches at the forearm, including the small gap at the back.  Adjustable from about 6 inches around to a bit more than 8 inches at the wrist end.  Made from brassy mixed metals.  The finish is slightly polished but not super shiny.  Since this is a new cuff bracelet, the metal at the opening can feel a bit sharp to sensitive skin.  Please use care when putting this bracelet on or taking it off.

Kuchi means "nomad" in the Afghan Dari language. The livelihood and culture of the Kuchis have been all but destroyed by conflict, drought, and demographic shifts. Some 200,000 Kuchis are displaced in Afghanistan; an equal or larger number are refugees in Pakistan; and hundreds of thousands of others are eking out a precarious existence in urban or rural areas in Afghanistan. Only a small number of Kuchis still follow their traditional livelihood of nomadic herding.


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