Kuchi Crescent Earrings - Tribal Belly Dance Jewelry - Traditional Nomad Tribal - SALE

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Item No: JEK0217
Country of Origin: Pakistan
Materials: Mixed Metals, Plastic Jewels
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Pair of Kuchi crescent earrings with colorful jewels and bells.   

Materials:  Mixed Metals
Metal Color:  Mostly Silvery, Tarnished.  Ear wires are brassy.
Metal Finish:  Polished
Total Length: 2.75 Inches
Width: 2 Inches
Earwire Gauge: 12 to 14 Gauge

Pair of Kuchi earrings with bell dangles and colorful jewels.  About 2.75 inches total length and 2 inches wide.  There is a cute homemade pink pom on each earring.  These are tribally used pieces.  This type of earring usually cannot be worn in regular western piercings because they are a bit heavy.  This pair is  bit lighter weight and might be tolerated if you are used to wearing heavy earrings.  They can be attached to a headpiece or used on other costuming pieces.  The wires are a bit larger than western ear wires.  If you have streched piercings, you may be able to wear these, through tunnels or alone.  If you will be wearing these in piercings without the protection of tunnels, please make sure the wires are clean before wearing.  

The story of Kuchi jewelry, like all tribal jewelry, is rich with influences from many cultures.  These beautiful pieces with colorful glass jewels and jingling bells originally came from the nomadic Pashtoon tribes that wandered the border areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan, along ancient routes between the seasons, moving down from the mountains in the winter and back to their homes in the summer. The word Kuchi itself is derived from a Persian word meaning migration, in relation to nomads or gypsies, and does not describe a particular group or people, but rather a state of being. 



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