Kuchi Coin Links Necklace -Tribal Belly Dance Jewelry - SALE

Item No: JNC0066
Country of Origin: Pakistan / Afghanistan
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass Jewels
Qty in Stock: 1

Vintage Kuchi coin necklace with dangles and glass jewel coins.  

Length:  26.5 inches hook to ring
Center Pendant: 3.25 inches long, about 1.5 inches wide
Materials:  mixed metals, glass jewels
Closure:  hook and ring

Kuchi vintage coin necklace with dangles and colorful jewels.   Closes with a hook and ring.  Necklace length is 26.5 inches, but can be hooked into any link on the chain to make this a bit smaller.  Unpolished mixed metals.  A nice tribal combination of coins and color.   This necklace would be easy to disassemble and the pieces could be used to make any combination of new and unique jewelry, or add to a dance costume.  It would be the perfect addition to the top edge of a costume bra for instant detailing.  

Coin jewelry has been worn by countless cultures for thousands of years by both men and women.  It is a conveniently portable form of wealth, and is often a tribal woman's only financial asset.  Coin sizes and shapes are especially suited to forming design and motif and coins are still being used to create beautiful items today.  

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