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Tribal Disclaimer


The items sold on this web site are brought to you from many far-away places.  They have often traveled great distances, over several continents, and changed hands many times before coming to The Red Camel. Many of these pieces are older and have been treasured possessions of tribal peoples for generations.  Please keep in mind that these items will very often have small flaws in them such as missing glass jewels, small frays, dents, chips, missing dangles or cracked mirrors.  They may smell of spices, animals, smoke or incense and have mismatched components.  They may also have been repaired, sometimes more than once, during their tribal lifetime.
These conditions should not be viewed as defects, but instead considered to add to the item's beauty and authenticity and attest to its value as a treasured tribal item.  

Please READ THE ENTIRE ITEM DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY AND LOOK AT ALL PHOTOS CLOSELY to see the condition of the item and know exactly what you are ordering.  If you have questions about any item, please contact us for further information.