Vintage Tribal Minakari Niello Necklace - Pakistan Swat Valley Jewelry Hazara

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Item No: JNK0109
Country of Origin: Afghanistan / Pakistan
Material: Mixed Metals
Qty in Stock: 1

Vintage Hazara minakari necklace with charming pendant.  Minakari is used to make intricate designs on metal, including in this case, a bit of script.  

Length:  22 inches hook to "ring"
Center Pendant: 3 inches long, about 1.75 inches wide
Materials:  mixed metals, small glass or plastic jewels
Metal Color: Very slightly brassy
Finish: Unpolished
Closure:  hook and "ring" (there is really no ring, just the end link of the chain).

Adorable chain necklace with unusual dangling pendant.  Pendant has an intricate design in niello, accented with rede jewels.  A good short length at 22 inches.  Handmade chain is composed of delightfully inconsistent links.  Closes by hooking into the chain, since it looks like the original ring has been lost.  Wear as a necklace or disassemble and use the  pendant to make a new and unique piece of jewelry, or add to your dance costume.  Very nice design.

Niello is a metallic alloy made into a powder and used to fill in etched areas on metal.  The piece is then heated until it liquifies and fills in every precise detail.  The excess niello is then removed by scraping until the filled areas are clearly visible, and then the surface is polished. The contrast of the black niello against the metal  surface produces a lovely decorative effect.


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