Turkoman Beaded Silk / Cotton Tassel - Tribal Belly Dance Costume Tassels - Central Asian Ornament

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Item No: TTS0122
Country of Origin: Central Asia / Turkoman
Materials: Cotton or Cotton Blend Fibers, Glass Beads
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Small Turkoman beaded silk tassel.  

Total Length:  10 Inches
Attachment:  Loop at the top
Materials: Silk or Silk Cotton Blend
Colors:  Deep Red, Purple, Blue, Teal Green, Orange
Beading at the ends of the fringes and beads, thread wrapping and knotwork on the larger strands
This is a SINGLE tassel

Total length of tassel is 10 inches.  Small white glass beads at the ends of most of the fringes and white beads and thread wrapping around the tassel strands.  Loop at the top for attaching.  Colors are Deep red, purple, blue teal green and orange.  Colors are vibrant, no fading.  This small tassel would be nice as an addition to a costume belt.  Turkoman tassels also look stunning when used as a home decor accent.  

Turkoman peoples use tassels in their homes, on their clothing/accessories and on their animals.  Traditionally they are used to distract the evil eye and keep evil spirits from focusing on the human or animals that are wearing them.  Turkoman tassels add a lot of color to your hair garden, costume or other belly dance accessories.  Plus they help to keep those evil spirits at bay!


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