Three Kashmiri Pendants - Tribal Belly Dance DIY Costuming - Kashmir Jewelry

Item No: JPK1353
Country of Origin: Kashmir region of India
Materials: Mixed Metals, Glass Jewels
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Three small Kashmiri pendants with glass jewels.

Length: All three are about 4 inches long, including bales and dangles
Width: All are between 2.75 and 3.25 inches across
Materials: Mixed metals
Metal Color:  Silvery to slightly brassy, tarnished
Finish:  Unpolished
Attachment: Bales at the top
Chased design and glass jewels

Kashmiri triangular pendants with glass jewels and dangles.  I've described these pendants as "small" but when talking about Kashmiri pendants, "small" is a relative term!  Even small Kashmiri pendants can seem quite big.  These are all about 4 inches long and between2.75 and 3.25 inches across.  Mixed metals are silvery to slightly brassy and unpolished.  Kashmiri pendants are beautifully detailed and perfect for tribal costuming uses.   

These pendants have a "chased" design.  Chasing on jewelry is the technique of detailing the front surface with various hammer-struck punches. The pattern is indented into the metal.

The Kashmir is a region of the northwestern India. It is bounded by the Uygur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang to the northeast and the Tibet Autonomous Region to the east (both parts of China), by the Indian states of Himachal-Pradesh and Punjab to the south, by Pakistan to the west, and by Afghanistan to the northwest and personal adorment from this region reflects the influences of all of these areas while still retaining it's own unique jewelry traditions.  


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