Small Vintage Moroccan Earrings for Tribal Belly Dance - Moroccan Dangle Earrings - Tribal Belly Dance Costuming

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Item No: JEM0065
Country of Origin: Morocco
Materials: Mixed Metals
Qty in Stock: 1


Small vintage pair of stone inset earrings from Morocco.

Materials:  Mixed Metal, some kind of stone or inset - blue / blue-green
Width: About 1/2 of an inch
Length:  1.5 inches from top of earwire to bottom of dangles
Metal:  Mixed Metal
Metal Color:  Silvery, tarnished with some patina
Earwire Gauge: These look like they are about a 16 gauge wire, small enough for western piercings
Small pair of earrings is vintage, probably from the 70s.

Small pair of earrings could work for stage or everyday wear.  Modern gauge earwires are small enough for modern piercings.  1/2 of an inch wide and about 1.5 inches from top of earwire to bottom of dangles.  These earrings are not new.  Both earrings and wires have some patina and are tarnished.  They have traveled through many hands to reach you, so you will be wearing these in piercings directly against your skin, cleaning is highly recommended. 



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