New Tribal Moroccan Taounza Headpiece - Tribal Belly Dance Crown Diadem

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Item No: JHM0030
Country/Tribe of Origin: Morocco/Berber
Materials: Lightweight Mixed Metals, Glass Jewels
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Lovely newly made taounze tribal headpiece.    

Width - center curved metal band is about 8.5 inches side to side
Length of center band - About 4 inches from the top of the center curved band to the bottom of the coin dangles 
Total Length - Top of curved band to bottom of side dangles is aout 10 inches
Metal is new, lightweight and feels like an aluminum alloy.  It can be shaped to fit easily.
Metal color:  silvery
Metal Finish:  Shiny, new
Enamel Color(s):  Blue, green, yellow/orange
Jewel Colors:  Large green and red jewels

Glorious taounza headpiece (crown or diadem) from Morocco.  As with many Moroccan items, the type of piece is named for the region it is from.  These fantastic headpieces are likewise named for Taounza, Morocco.   Lovely crowns of curved metal plates are adorned with glass jewels, enameling and small coin dangles.  A hook attached to chains holds the top of the headpiece to a scarf or turban.  Tie or sew a fabric band to the ends of the center curved metal band to go around the head and keep the headpiece in place.  

Curved band measures about 8.5 inches from end to end.  Handmade chain attaches the top central hook to the top of the crown and is adorned with a small round enameled medallion.  There are hooks on the rings at the ends that you can hook into a scarf or turban.  Or sew on a fabric band to secure the back.  Conical drops on the sides and small coins along the entire front edge.  Green and red glass jewels.  

Even thouhG this piece is relatively new, it is in USED condition.  Enamel and jewels appear to be in great condition.  There are a few minor dents here and there.

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